Accidental Exposure Management

PPE-STAT allows healthcare workers to track and manage patients who were accidentally exposed to harmful containments. The system records everything following time of exposure until any required follow-up treatments.

Login Screen
Patient File
Sample Report

PPE-STAT is a prime example of collaboration between LBXweb Inc. and its clients. It has been developed with CSSS Laval and has been tried and tested in their "Prophylaxie Postexposition" department.

PPE-STAT records detailed information about the exposed patients, the sources, medical follow-ups, and departmental billing items. Search and retrieval of files is simple. The system also provides over 20 detailed charts and reports to manage the department performance.

Exposed patient
  • Personal information
  • Type and details of accident
  • First-aid provided
  • First evaluation at the hospital
  • Antiviruses provided
  • Vaccinations
  • Up to five different sources
  • Source identification
  • Fisk factors
  • Sources' blood tests
  • Sources' health details
  • Over ten available follow-ups
  • Summary of files
  • On-the-fly reporting
  • Multi-parameter search
  • User management
  • Headline news publishing

PPE-STAT's license includes the following:

  • System setup and personalization
  • Monthly hosting
  • Online training
  • Tech-support