IT Support Management

ITXweb streamlines IT support request process. Users submit tickets online and IT support staff provide support and log events and actions for subsequent easy retrieval.

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Monthly Report
Monthly Report
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  • Admin managers can easily customize to meet specific needs
  • Creates journal that links tickets, actions, timelines and results
  • Allows quick retrieval of individual ticket history and status
  • Generates log of who did what and when
  • Portrays operational procedures
  • Provides record of organizational performance
  • Unlimited administrators and user accounts
  • Integrates seamlessly with LBXweb

ITXweb is accessed through the web-browser over the internet. It is hosted on our servers so there is no need to purchase or install any hardware of software.

Only authorized users with their private passwords can access the service. ITXweb can be accessed online anywhere at any time.

ITXweb is compatible with all popular internet browsers.

  • User creates a ticket (via email, phone, LBXweb, etc.)
  • IT manager verifies request, categorizes it, and assigns issue to a support member
  • Support staff resolves and documents each step towards resolution of the issue
  • User is notified about the resolution
  • Historic data is kept for easy retrieval of old issues and data analysis